High Roads Care Services makes it convenient for you to find the assistance you need to make your life at home happy and healthy.

Here are answers to some of the common questions and concerns you may have. We hope the following information is a good start.

If your questions aren’t completely answered or need additional information, please feel free to call us at (203) 663-6660.

We will be glad to speak with you about your specific family situation.

What differentiates in-home care-giving provided by Highroads from others?

First, Highroads Care Services has implemented measures to facilitate the process of seeking in-home care service that is tailored to reflect the specific needs of our clients.

Secondly, the care we provide is defined by our belief that in-home care is an effective means for helping our clients to enjoy independent and dignified lifestyles, in the safety and comfort of familiar surroundings.

Provide an example of how Highroads makes it easy for family members or clients who seek in-home care.

Highroads has built convenience into the enrollment process from the time a prospective family member or a client contacts Highroads and broaches the important matter of in-home care service.  This involves Highroads making a representative promptly available at the convenience of the involved family member or client, and responding to all inquiries.

Additionally, Highroads Care Services conducts an exhaustive interview with both the involved family member and client to evaluate specific needs of a potential client, including special needs situations.  Our experience has taught us that the time and effort spent at this early phase when seeking in-home care service helps establish a strong basis for success.

Does Highroads Care Service involve community resources in its care program?

Based on our experience in providing in-home care service, we have learned that combining high-quality personalized care with harnessing community resources is especially effective in ensuring a successful in-home care experience.

How do I know if the services of Highroads Care Services are right for me?

If you and/or an involved family member feel that you could benefit from help with your daily living activities as you recover from an illness, surgery, short term disability, or because of challenges associated with age, Highroads Care Services may be a good fit for you.  A care manager will come to your house and perform a complimentary consultation to ensure our services fit your individual needs.

What additional services does Highroads Care Services offer clients?

The following services are also provided by Highroads Care:

  • House cleaning including full complimentary house cleaning to qualified clients
  • Salon style services to clients in the home (hair, nails facials)
    For qualified clients
  • Transportation services are available as needed to qualified clients
    (Hair, nails, facial)

Do Highroads employees undergo screening and criminal background checks?

All employees of Highroads Care Services undergo a vigorous screening process that involves fingerprinting, criminal background checks and drug screening.  Moreover, confirmation of credentials and certifications, and work eligibility are verified prior to working with our clients.

Will my Highroads care team help with appointments with other healthcare-related providers and escort clients to their appointments?

Highroads Care Services is dedicated to ensuring continuity of care for our clients.  Part of this goal involves helping our clients with a care plan that involves escorting them to their appointments, as needed.  Our social maker would make contact with providers to advocate on the clients behalf, as necessary.  Clients and their family members are provided with quarterly care reports that document the care and improvement of care provided by our staff.