A small introduction

Nice to Meet You!

Highroads Care Services is committed to assisting involved families to cope with the important and challenging decision of in-home care related to their loved ones.  Our goal is to help our clients lead dignified lifestyles rooted in independence, and in the comfort, familiar surroundings and safety of their homes.  Accordingly, Highroads Care Service strives to provide the best care possible, based on proven methods. In the process, we seek to continuously improve our services to our clients.

About Us

The founding principle of Highroads Care Services is based on the fact that quality in-home care should also be affordable.  The quality-based care we provide derives from a strong foundation in a personalized approach to in-home care.  We recognize that each client is unique and therefore “one size does not necessarily fit all”.  This approach allows us to customize our in-home care to the particular circumstances of our clients.  The result is a value-based in-home care that reflects not only the passion of our care-givers but also an uncompromising commitment to quality of service to our clients.

Our emphasis on personalized in-home care at Highroads Care Services helps to explain the considerable time and effort we invest in getting to know and understand those who seek our service and entrust their care to us.  This approach allows us to appreciate the unique needs of our clients that are crucial to helping us identify the most effective approach to the care we deliver to them at affordable prices.

A Higher Standard of Care

The fact that we provide our in-home care at home is by design; our method stems from our belief that home-based care-giving offers several advantages than uprooting a client to an unfamiliar location.  Indeed, it has been shown that the benefits of in-home care include the fact that it is relatively more nurturing and therapeutic. In the case of clients recovering from illness, in-home care has been credited with helping to enhance the process of recovery.

Another key element in our in-home care tool-box is our effectiveness in navigating and utilizing community resources to meet the objectives of in-home care giving. Through the assistance of our licensed social worker, we at Highroads Care Services offer high-quality care solutions that allow our clients including the aging and physically challenged to continue to live in their homes.  By so doing, we help to boost our clients’ quality of life.

Finally, our emphasis on high-quality affordable in-home care at Highroads Care Services is consistent with our plan for growth through word-of-mouth referrals.  This strategy is based on our belief that the high-quality personalized in-home care we consistently provide helps to generate repeat business for our company, as well as recommendations, through enthusiastic testimonials from our clients and their loved ones.