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Reducing the Risk of Falls With Professional at Home Care in Norwalk, Stamford, Westport, CT and Lower Fairfield County

Learn how High Roads Care of Westport, CT can help reduce the risk of falls with our at home care services.

When a loved one is to continue living at home independently, it is important that their living space is as safe as possible, to prevent any accidents and injuries, especially those that are the result of indoor falls. In addition to home features that can cause large, serious falls, like stairs, it is crucial to consider other aspects of your loved one’s environment while assessing the safety of their home. At High Roads Care at home care agency, we can help reduce the risk of falls to a minimum with our fall prevention program.

Assessing the Situation

The most significant part of fall prevention is identifying obstacles and hazards around the home that can cause a fall in seniors. For example, uneven floors or floors that change levels even by a single step can cause older adults to trip, lose their balance, and fall. That is why for every client we work with, we first complete a thorough home assessment that begins with checking the entire home for features that could potentially cause a fall. By choosing High Roads Care as your at home care agency, you can take all the necessary precautions in your loved one’s home and drastically reduce the risk of falls.

Fall Risks & Injuries

Unfortunately, older adults are more likely to get seriously hurt after a fall than younger adults due to physical and mobility issues that arise in senior years and are fairly common among the senior population. To make matters more worrying, seniors take much longer to recover. This may result in diminished independence and lower a person’s quality of life. Due to all of this, our at home care experts perform detail home assessments and include information about possibly dangerous home features into our care plans.

Bathroom Safety for Seniors

When speaking of fall prevention, it is necessary to speak of bathrooms. Here is what you need to consider:

  • With humidity and water in the bathroom, the room may be extremely slippery.
  • Stepping in and out of a bathtub can be both challenging and dangerous for seniors.
  • Sitting and standing up from a toilet that does not have handrails can be difficult for older adults.
  • Various electronic devices, like curling irons or hair dryers, can cause injury if placed near water.

These are just some of the reasons why our at home care experts focus on bathroom safety while reviewing the homes of our clients and why your loved one should have a plan for how they can safely use the bathroom in their home.

To find out more about our fall prevention program and other services we offer in your area, please contact us today!