(Nana Amma Anane-Frempong)


Growing up, I saw my parents (mother and father) weave a tapestry of care to the sick and physically challenged as a nurse practitioner and medical doctor respectively. The experience of growing up in a home under the tutelage of parents in healthcare inescapably left an indelible imprint on my psyche and influenced my career choice. This backdrop helps to underscore the rationale for my inexhaustible passion for working in home care-related services.

When I relocated to Connecticut in 1994 after earning a college degree, I worked in a couple of home care facilities.  This allowed me to appreciate the critical success factors in the home care industry, including the importance of optimally integrating care elements that consist of grooming, bathing, toileting, dressing, meal preparation, medication reminders, transferring, transportation and light housekeeping.

Having acquired substantive experience in performing the foregoing services in a home care facility, I anticipated the feasibility of offering the services in an in-home care setting. This thought derives from my belief that home care provided in clients’ home environment offer natural advantages that could not be matched by care in dedicated home care facilities.

When I broached the idea of (setting up an) in-home care to a Judge whose wife was under my care, he encouraged me to pursue my goal of creating and operating an in-home care business. That conversation and was the forerunner of my decision to formally establish Highroads Care Services.

At Highroads Care Services, I have enjoyed the combination of in-home care and managing a team of care-givers. In this regard, my experience continues to reinforce my unambiguous belief that in-home care offers clients dignity and comfort that partly stems from familiarity with their environment, making the experience therapeutic.

In addition to my passion for in-home care service, I am a family woman who believes that there cannot be any nobler profession than caring for others.