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A valued customer

David Nastasi

To Whom It May Concern,

Our mother was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia approximately five years ago following a fall and subsequent operation. A degenerative disease, LBD has the characteristics of both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. After her diagnosis she declined at an alarmingly rate, making it apparent within a short period of time that she would require full time care. In 2010, our parents had been married for 56 years; our mother was 75 and our father 78. They had raised a family of five sons, and were fiercely independent. My father valiantly and stubbornly tried to be our mother’s only caregiver. He resisted help, because he did not like the intrusion on his privacy and because he feared having strangers caring for his wife. Unfortunately, caring for our mother was exhausting him physically and mentally, and the almost constant stream of emergencies both real and imagined were taking their toll on us, his children, professionally and in our family lives.

Nana Amma Anane Frempong was introduced to me by a client. She came highly recommended. In her quiet and steady way she quickly won my father over, and changed his and my mother’s lives for the better. I cannot praise her work enough, or relay here how much our lives have benefited from her presence, Not only did she provide care for our mother, but she also cared for my father and their home. She handled the medical and domestic emergencies that arose over the last four and half years calmly and effectively. She ensured that both my parents felt safe in their home and in the knowledge that there was someone experienced helping them manage their health.

After a short time working with us our mother’s condition worsened to the point where she needed 24-hour care and extremely personal attention. Nana came to our rescue and found two additional caregivers. Everyone that Nana has introduced into our parents’ home has been gentle, considerate, and thorough in their care, most notably Cynthia Onyinah and Vida Nyarko. They treat our mother with respect and dignity, and they have always been respectful of our father’s need for privacy and independence in his own home. They are consistent in their attention to the health, hygiene, and comfort of our mother. Nana has worked with our mother’s various doctors, and now with hospice as well. She is our alarm system, letting us know immediately as problems arise, and she is often our solution finder helping to put us in contact with the right people.

In February of 2015, our father was diagnosed with Leukemia. In March he died. His death was as unexpected as it was swift, but the care of our mother continues unchanged. We have grown to feel that Nana Ama, Cynthia, and Vida are extended members of our family. I recommend Nana Amma  Anane Frempong unreservedly, and am happy to provide to discuss our family’s experience by phone or e-mail.


(Reference available upon request)

A valued customer

Rosemarie Coppola

I utilized High Roads Care services to find help with the care of my husband in 2015. He was completely bed-ridden and required assistance with personal hygiene, feeding, doctor’s visits, etc. I hired a wonderful woman through this agency who not only did all that was required but was also exceedingly compassionate and caring. Of course, she became part of my family. My husband has since passed away but I will always remember with great gratitude and fondness the assistance received from High Roads Care services and its owner Nana Amma Anane Frempong. I have recommended this agency to many of my friends who needed to hire professional care and will continue to recommend High Roads Care services and its professional staff.



A respected colleague

Barbara Guerci, RN

I am a professional Hospice nurse. I have been involved with the staff of High Roads Care Services intermittently for 3 years. I cannot say enough good things about the care they give to their patients. I wish all the care givers were like they are. I never hesitate to recommend them to my clients who need help.

Barbara Guerci, RN